Cascadia Stoneware is designed for everyday use.  Each piece is LEAD FREE, MICROWAVE, OVEN & DISHWASHER SAFE.  Using quality high-fire clay that is part porcelain, and our own hand-mixed glazes, Cascadia Stoneware is extremely durable, impervious to liquids, and resistant to chipping.  Following these basic guidelines will ensure many years of use with your stoneware pottery.

Avoid Thermal Shock:  Sudden changes in temperature and uneven heat can cause cracking.

  • Room temp dishes can be placed directly in a 350 degree oven.  Ingredients must also be room temp and evenly coat the bottom of the dish.  Gradually bring up to temp when baking over 350 and avoid temps over 475.
  • Broiling and heating large platters is not recommended.
  • Do not place pottery directly on stove top or over open flame.
  • Do not place a hot dish in cold water or directly in the refrigerator.
  • Freezing temps will not damage stoneware, however, freezing liquids should be avoided because expansion may cause cracking.


  • Dishwasher and hand washing safe with scotch pads, use brillo with care.
  • Freshen stained bottoms with fine grained sand paper.  Never use sand paper on glazed surface.

General Care:  Stoneware should be used gently on other hard surfaces such as granite counter tops and porcelain sinks.

CAUTION:  Pottery gets hot when heated in the oven or microwave.  Use caution and hot pads when needed.

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